Shuttle Details
If you RSVP'd for transportation, the shuttle will be departing at 3:00 PM from the Hilton Franklin Cool Springs





Where should I stay?

There are many great areas of Nashville to explore during your stay. We do however have a reserved block of rooms at Hilton Franklin Cool Springs. For more information please visit the Travel section of our site.

Will there be transportation to the venue?

Yes! There will be limited complimentary shuttle services to/from the Hilton Franklin Cool Springs to the White Dove Barn.

The Shuttle will depart at 3:00 PM CT.

Will there be parking at the venue?

Yes, The White Dove Barn has parking accommodations for all of our guests who wish to drive themselves. Please note, that there will be an open bar and we ask you please consider taking the complimentary shuttles provided.

Can I Rideshare to/from the venue?

While we fully support Rideshare, the White Dove Barn is located outside of town and rideshares cannot be guaranteed. We recommend taking the complimentary shuttle to/from the venue from the Hilton Franklin Cool Springs, carpooling, or scheduling rideshare in advance. A reservation at Hilton Franklin Cool Springs is not required to ride the shuttle services.

Will there be an open bar?

Yes! We want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves but ask that you please enjoy responsibly and if you choose to drink please utilize the complimentary shuttle services. Not drinking? Perfectly okay! There will be several non-alcoholic options to enjoy as well.

Can we bring our children?

We would love for you to bring your children, however due to a variety of factors we will not be able to have children at our wedding who are not a part of the bridal party.

Is this one of those "phone-free" weddings?

Having our phones on us feels like second nature these days, but we are kindly asking that you refrain from using your cell phones or taking photos during the wedding ceremony. Once the cocktail hour begins we invite you to use your phone however you see fit, but certainly encourage you to live in the moment!

Will Snickers and Rhodes make an appearance at the Wedding?

Snickers and Rhodes are currently negotiating their day rates for appearances. We fully plan on these negotiations being resolved in the near future and they will be able to join us on our special day.